SCSO: Deputies have no evidence to suggest missing Cordova woman is 'alive and well'

CORDOVA, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff's Department held a press conference on the disappearance of a missing Cordova woman.

Taquila Hayes has been missing for the last three months. Since then, SCSO has been pouring over the home she lived in combing for clues and asking the public for help.

Deputies said they do not believe she is in the area, and they do not have any evidence to say she is alive and well.

They also have a person of interest. But, they did not name the person during the conference.

According to SCSO, they have evidence that is currently being tested at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation crime lab.

SCSO said their main concern is the well-being of her child and making sure he gets the help he needs.

FOX13 obtained a search warrant listing chilling details about what Carl Hayes told investigators the day they searched his home.

One thing that is clear, according to the document is that authorities believe Carl Hayes was involved with the disappearance of his wife.

Now authorities are leaning on hope to help solve this case.

According to the statement, Taquila Hayes' mother asked Carl Hayes where Taquila was because the family had not seen or heard from her in months.

Carl said they separated in June because of infidelity issues.

He told a detective she left the house with a friend around June 8th and quit her job At Methodist where she was a nurse.

Carl admitted that since Hayes' disappearance, he accessed the cell phone, switched the SIM card in the cell phone and impersonated his wife in communications with others.

FOX13 asked detectives if Carl is the person of interest and is he cooperating with authorities.

"We have not spoken with him in several weeks, we are going after what the evidence tells us; we're following the science, and we are waiting for TBI," said chief inspector Chris Harris with the SCSO.

Detectives said in the statement "Carl Hayes was involved directly with Taquila Hayes' disappearance sometime between MAY 21 and May 22."

FOX13 was there when detectives and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation searched Carl and Taquila Hayes' home last month.

The warrant signed and issued gave investigators permission to search the home for firearms, accessories, ammunition, computers, receipts and other items.

Investigators also searched Taquila's car being towed from the garage.

Detectives noticed new carpet in the living room, dining room and master bedroom and new paint.  The home is a rental and the lease expire in October.  Carl said he replaced the carpet in July and that he did not want to lose his deposit on the property.

"That was part of what led us to execute the search warrant. That was part of why we went to the house to look for trace evidence," said Harris.

Carl said he threw away Taquila's belongings. When Detectives searched Taquila's car, they also noticed new carpet.

The document also states detectives spoke with Taquila's employer where she was a no show for work.

A former supervisor stated after she threatened to call police for a wellness check if Taquila did not respond, Carl said his wife would not be returning to work.

Detectives also found Carl was withdrawing money from his wife's banking account. Taquila's mother told FOX13 back in August that Carl was leading the family to believe his wife was ok.

"I just don't have any hope at this point.  It's unlike my daughter to abandon her son, to abandon a profession that she worked so hard and diligently to accomplish," said Roberta Null.

Again, detectives are not saying who the person of interest is. Right now, they are waiting for results from the TBI to come back in the next few weeks.

They said their priority is making sure Taquila's 12-year-old son gets the support he needs.

Background information

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has returned to the area near the home of a missing Cordova woman. Deputies are still searching for clues concerning Taquila Hayes' whereabouts.

Hayes, 41, has been missing for three months.

FOX13 reported in August that family said she was dead, however, investigators told FOX13 they did not tell Hayes' mother her daughter was dead.

Deputies spent several hours Tuesday searching for the 41-year-old nurse who was reported missing in August.

Crews had three search dogs looking for clues on Dexter Road near Houston Levee. That area was shut down with deputies searched the area.

Deputies took to social media to say more than 60 members of the sheriff's office are conducting a ground search of the area looking for clues in her disappearance.

We flew DRONE13 over the grassy area where deputies spent six hours searching for clues.

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Although investigators say a tip is not what led them here, they are hoping the public can help lead crews in the right direction.

Last month investigators brought in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to search Hayes' home but no word on what they recovered.

John Sanders drives in the area daily, he said, "If she's been missing since August I hope and pray that somebody finds her or at least brings something to closure to let the family know what happened."

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A missing poster sign is still posted in Hayes' neighborhood. We went to Hayes' home on Starcross Avenue Tuesday and several times last month to attempt to talk with her husband, but he was not there.

We spoke with Hayes' family in August after they told FOX13 loved ones knew something wasn't right when Hayes didn't show up for her 11-year-old son's birthday or her nephew's graduation.

The family hasn't heard from her since May.

Family members told FOX13, "I honestly think she is not alive. I think that she wouldn't let us go yo this extreme." The Shelby County Sheriff's Office is still treating this as a missing person case.

At this point, no arrests have been made in connection with her disappearance or death

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Tequila Hayes, the missing Cordova mother, is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH or detectives at 901-222-5600.