Second child from same school district left at wrong bus stop in Arkansas, parent says

WATCH: Another child dropped at wrong bus stop

MARION, Ark. — Another parent is claiming their child was dropped off at the wrong bus stop in Arkansas.

This time, that parent took to social media to make sure her frustrations about the school district were heard.

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And this incident comes days after a 7-year-old boy in the same school district was picked up by a complete stranger when he was dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

Erica Pledge spoke with FOX13 after her 6-year-old daughter, Aaliyah Hampton, called her in tears saying she was dropped off at the wrong bus stop Tuesday afternoon.

Hampton, who attends Math, Science and Technology School in Marion, was supposed to be dropped off at her grandmother’s house. However, the bus driver took the child to her own home instead.

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“It was a heat advisory (Tuesday) as well, so my baby could have fell out trying to walk to her grandmother’s house,” Pledge said. “What if something would have happened to her?

“What if someone would have came and grabbed her? No one is showing that they care.”

The two homes are less than a mile apart, but Hampton’s parents were not there because they both work.

Pledge said somehow a tag on her child’s backpack was removed and replaced with the wrong address.

“The procedure wasn’t followed at all because the week before, she been going to her grandmother’s house. And on her backpack, the tag stated what bus she was getting on,” she said. “Now yesterday somehow the teacher removed that tag.”

Marion Schools superintendent told FOX13 the district is reviewing bus video cameras to determine if proper procedure was followed Monday and agreed that improvements need to be made.

According to Pledge, when she met with district leaders Wednesday morning, they told her they are going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Other parents told FOX13 they want the district to offer school bus drivers more training to avoid future incidents.