• Security guard recounts surviving shooting inside Whitehaven Bank

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A man was shot five times trying to protect people inside a Whitehaven bank when robbers struck back in March.

    “I thought it was going to be a regular day,” said Antonio Dennie, a security guard stationed at a First Tennessee Bank on March 5.

    He said didn't see it coming. Several men walked inside with hoods on, determined to rob the bank... Something Dennie tried to prevent.

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    “Before I could do anything he turned around,” Dennie said. “Like it was a western. Pulled his gun out and started unloading on me.”

    In a matter of seconds, the military vet and father of two was shot five times, in the arm and stomach. 

    “I ran into the bathroom, leaned up against the door and pulled my revolver out so he wouldn’t come in and finish me off,” Dennie said.  

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    But instead, the suspects got away. Leaving with some cash and leaving Dennie in critical condition. 

    “I was mad,” Dennie said. “I was thinking I was really about to clock out. I was hit in the arm and the bullet was still in there so i pulled it out, and chucked it across the room.” 

    In what he thought were he final moments he says support from a stranger got him through. 

    “This older gentleman. He walked over with his cane. He put his hands over me and just started praying.” 

    And support from colleagues, and even more strangers led to a GoFundMe, that ended up raising more then $12,000 to help cover his medical expenses after multiple surgeries to remove a bullet once lodged in his intestine. 

    Dennie said he plans to continue his security work to provide for his family and with a new chance a life, he said, he's going to make the most of it. 

    “It’s all a part of god’s plan. I’m here for a reason because five shots would’ve easily taken somebody out,” Dennie said. 

    FOX13 has reached out to Memphis Police for an update on the suspects. We also received a statement from Dennie’s employer, G4S security:

    The G4S team is pleased to see the amazing progress of Custom Protection Officer Antonio Dennie. According to G4S Memphis General Manager Iain Penrose, “Antonio’s reliability and professionalism have always shown through his success working at multiple client locations. His fortitude and toughness have been on display as he recovers from this incident.”
    The welfare of our employees is of paramount importance to G4S and we aim to ensure that employees like Antonio are supported as they recover. After the incident, G4S’ Employee Relations and Human Resources teams provided support to Antonio and his family. CPO Dennie is also a candidate for the G4S Employee Trust Fund.

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