• Security plans put in place for Jessica Chambers murder trial

    By: Tom Dees


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - FOX13 News has learned the capital murder trial of Quinton Tellis, the man charged in the fiery death of Jessica Chambers, is set to go to trial Tuesday, October 10th.

    Major Barry Thompson, the lead investigator in the case, is the man in charge of security.

    FOX13 spoke one-on-one with the cases' lead investigator, Major Barrry Thompson, who's also in charge of security for the trial.

    " I have a plan that I don't want anyone that might try to do something to halter this trial or this jury to think we are going to do the same thing every day to where they can plan something," Thompson said.

     Thompson told FOX13 he is going to be using other law enforcement resources available to secure the courthouse.

    "We are going to use our off duty officers and plain clothes officers from the investigative division also Jimmy Mccleod with the city of Batesville is going to donate some people for outside perimeter." Thompson said.

    The trial we found out could be a lengthy one lasting from 8-14 days I found out through court documents the state as Subpoenaed some 40 witnesses.

    "Of course as a primary witness in the case I will be with primary witnesses for most of the time in preparation. And with the sheriff I will be heading up Security, " Thompson said.

     The jury we found out is being picked out of Pike County, Mississippi. Thompson would not discuss how they would be moved to the courthouse. The only thing certain in his security plan has built in changes.

    "So if they see something on Monday or Tuesday they won't see it on Wednesday or Thursday," Thompson said.


    Major Barry Thompson told FOX13 News he is trying to do as little as possible to interrupt the flow of business traffic in and out of the courthouse.


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