• Serious drugs discovered inside our schools

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A FOX13 investigation has discovered more than 80 drug related incidents in Shelby County schools so far this year.

    School resource officers in Shelby County Schools know about the realities of drugs and the reality of drugs being brought into the schools they protect.

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    Bob Nations leads the school resource officers in the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. They staff 18 schools.

    "All of these officers are trained to look for those indicators of drug possession, drug use,” Nations said.

    Nations said the most common drug they see is marijuana. The scent is often a giveaway especially when administration requests a drug sniffing dog.

    FOX13 Investigates obtained drug incident numbers for all SCS schools over the last three school years.

    SCS schools had 183 drug incidents in 2015-2016.

    The next year those numbers dipped by 16-percent.

    Halfway through this year, the numbers are on pace to prove the problem continues to exist; 81 reports this school year that pepper the county.

    Digging into the numbers further shows us where they're happening and the highest number of calls. Both Germantown High and Carver High with six incidents each.

    Northeast Prep reported five drug incidents and both Cordova and Northwest four.  

    Out of the 81 incidents, eight of them have been at SCS Middle Schools, and one has even been reported at an elementary school.

    Students involved in the drug arrests usually see misdemeanor charges - sometimes felony drug possession.

    We wanted to know what the school board had to say about the issue and took our questions to SCS Board member Stephanie Love.

    "I'll say drugs in school are not a problem. I'll say there are certain schools we've seen an increase,” Love said.

    Love told FOX13 drugs are an all-around issue.

    "The school system is not providing the drugs. The children are receiving the drugs from the community."
    FOX13 has asked several times over the last 2 months to speak with someone from school administration. 

    The school district wouldn’t comment.

    Speaking for the board, Love said they will work on ways to improve programs geared toward keeping students away from drugs.

    "Safety, drugs, and academics are the things we are always looking at. We have things in place. Is it time to go back and reevaluate programs we have to assist our children, yes,” Love said.

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