Several calls about possible scam artists turn out to be legitimate state workers, officials say

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LAFAYETTE CO., Miss. — Several calls about what north Mississippi residents thought were scam artists showing up to their doors turned out to be legitimate workers.

The Lafayette County Sheriff's Office told FOX13 they have had three reports of state revenue agents going door to door asking for payment.

Initially the residents thought they were posing as revenue agents. However, officials realized that is not the case. They are real.

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Now, state officials shared how you can identify State of Mississippi revenue agents.

Officials said to first make sure the agent is real, ask for a business card.

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If you still aren’t convinced, the sheriff's office said call them out.

“You can always call 911 or your local authorities and definitely ask them any kind of questions about anyone who is out there,” Major Alan Wilburn said.

A state revenue agent will have a badge with a number on it that you can cross reference on the internet.

And if you have any more questions about it you can contact state revenue offices in Hernando or Tupelo, or the sheriff’s office.

“Anyone who comes to your door should have the proper identification and if they are still worried have any questions, call your local law enforcement,” Wilburn said.

Mississippi State Department of Revenue told FOX13 most people whose doors they show up at should know that they are coming because they have been contacted by mail repeatedly.