Several Memphis women use app to learn about creepy man following them on Poplar Avenue

WATCH: Several Memphis women use app to learn about creepy man following them on Poplar Avenue

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One of the busiest streets in Memphis has gotten scare for a group of East Memphis women who said a creepy man driving a light-blue car is harassing them.

The women found out about each other through the “Nextdoor” app.

“He kept on following me the entire time, speeding up and then going back and almost hitting me five times,” said Hope Carroll.

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That is how Carroll described a recent drive on Poplar Avenue when a man in a blue car followed her for more than 10 minutes.

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But she said it felt like an hour as she claims the man was harassing her. Carroll showed GoPro video of the incident.

“He stopped right next to me in the next lane and was laughing and just waving to have me go on,” said Carroll

She told FOX13 she pulled over on Mendenhall Road because she was so shaken up.

Carroll said she started taking pictures of the man. He then took off and she hasn’t seen him since.

FOX13 found more stories on the Nextdoor app from other women sharing similar encounters with the same driver in the same car.

Retired Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Captain Bennie Cobb told FOX13 what signs you need to look for to determine if someone is following you.

At night, Cobb said it is easier to notice if someone is following you. But during the day when Carroll and other women were followed, he said you have to be very alert of your surroundings.

“If the person pulls up beside you and give you some kind of sign to pull over or they're tailgating you, that's an indicator in itself,” Cobb said.

MPD said in any situation where you feel like you are in trouble or unsafe, call 911 and go to a safe place like a police station.