Severe weather causing major delays for road project in DeSoto County

WATCH: Construction delay due to weather in DeSoto County

DESOTO CO., Miss. — Continuous rain is delaying a major road project in DeSoto County that would have been done weeks ago otherwise.

The widening of Craft Road to relieve Lewisburg school traffic is still on schedule. But as FOX13 found out, the project could have been done weeks ago if there was just more sunshine.

Contractors and county supervisors told FOX13 what they need is more days of beautiful sunshine and fewer days of nasty rain and mud.

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“We need sunshine right now, we need a lot of sunshine. From what I am hearing from road crews and contractors is that hopefully we will get some good weather, which is what they are calling for. The project is still on focus,” Supervisor Michael Lee said.

Contractors on site said the rainy weather has been miserable. They do believe that the weather will hold out just long enough to get the road done in time for the August 7 opening of school.

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Project engineers have had to deal with a soil issue on the road as well, but even that didn’t slow things down like the weather.

“There wasn’t good soil to put asphalt and a road on it, so they came back and put down a concrete mixture to impact so it will be stable,” Lee said.

Lee told FOX13 that looking ahead he is staying positive the new mile-long widened section of road will be open in time for school.

“My engineers with the county are saying it’s supposed to be good today. How about 99 percent sure that it’s going to happen, I’ll leave us a percent there,” he said.

The Craft Road widening project includes four lanes for areas where school traffic backs up and additional turn lanes from Bethel Road.