• Shelby County assisting in city's crime reduction efforts

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The recent crime wave in Memphis has city and county leaders searching for solutions.

    Some community members have wondered if the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office could increase patrols in the Memphis metro area.

    FOX13 has learned the idea has been proposed in the past and county leaders said it is underway -- a solution that involves Shelby County deputies spending more time saturating the parts of Memphis where there is a higher crime.

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    Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell told FOX13 the city has approached him with the idea.

    “They did just this past year ask for more deputies, and that suggestion drove us to the County Commission and seek some additional deputies and work out this arrangement between the police department and sheriff’s office,” said Mayor Luttrell, who has also served as the Sheriff of Shelby County.

    Earlier this year, the Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office agreed to assist the MPD by adding 25 more employees.

    “18 [deputies] are going to the [Metro] Gang Task Force and the remainder to the Fugitive Task Force,” said Luttrell.

    Those employees are still in the process of being hired.

    An SCSO spokesperson told FOX13 they have deputies patrolling throughout the city daily and target certain areas where more of a presses is needed.

    “I know the [Memphis] police director and the sheriff talk frequently about collaboration,” said Mayor Luttrell.

    With the Memphis Police Department short hundreds of officers, the city could use the extra squad cars in the metro limits.

    Mayor Luttrell said it would be beneficial, but the move would not impact crime at its core. 

    “You need to invest in an array of community programs that can be a supportive service to law enforcement suppression techniques,” he said.

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