• Shelby County Health Department says it's time to get your flu shot


    SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. - Cooler temperatures mean we are getting closer to flu season.

    We spoke with the health department and they say the flu shot maybe the best way to protect yourself against the flu.

    The Shelby County Health Department said now is the time to get your flu shots.

    The health department is offering flu vaccines at all of their health clinic locations in Shelby County. 

    Experts said the flu season usually spans from October to May, and most cases in our region are reported in February. 

    So far this year, there haven't been any reported cases.  

    There are an estimated 80,000 deaths in the US and 160 deaths due to the flu in our state last year.  

    As the temperatures drop, people should bundle up to stay warm and healthy. 

    While the cold weather does not cause disease, FOX13 discovered some viruses are actually more likely to spread during cold weather.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, the cold and flu viruses survive and replicate better in cooler temperatures.

    Also, while cold weather doesn't cause illness, weather can weaken your ability to fight off illness.

    The NIH also said the flu virus becomes tougher at temperatures close to freezing. It makes them more active, more resilient, and easier to transmit in the winter.

    Doctors also said the best way to stay healthy in the winter is to wash your hands.

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