• Shelby County Schools asking for feedback on school lunches

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Shelby County Schools is asking the public for feedback on school lunches using an app. 

    It wants parents to weigh in on what's landing on students' lunch plates. 

    The app lets students and parents look at the school lunch menu on their phone. 

    "I be like, I really don't want this... I want my own lunch," said Amethyst Partee, a fifth grade student at Southern Avenue Chargter School. 

    She and her mother Alexis are looking to get her enrolled in SCS. Alexis Partee said she wants her daughter to get a better education and lunch with SCS. 

    FOX13 spoke with Stephanie Love of the SCS school board, she encourages parents to weigh in - but also says it's not as easy making changes to the menu.


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    "A lot of times, it's because of a law or federal guideline we must follow," Love said. 

    SCS told FOX13 they're using the data to make menu tweaks for the upcoming school year. Right now, the menu generally offers students a balance of protein, fruit, vegativles and some grain. 

    SCS also wants people to take surveys and leave their opinions on the meals being served. 

    The survey dates are September 25-29, November 13-17, February 12-16, and April 23-27. 

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