Sherra Wright: Her new life and new love since Lorenzen's death

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 is digging into Sherra Wright-Robinson’s life in the years after her ex-husband was murdered.

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On Friday, we first reported she was arrested and charged with killing former NBA star Lorenzen Wright.

We’ve learned she married a third time to a man named Tim Robertson who has ties to Memphis.

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We asked to see their marriage license, but the couple decided to make it confidential which means we cannot find out when they got married or where the ceremony happened.

This is third marriage for Wright-Robinson.

For the second time in three days, we knocked on the door Sherra Wright-Robinson recently called home in Riverside County, California. The sign outside the door says, ‘The Robertson home’ and for good reason.

The owner of the home is Tim Robertson. He and Sherra Wright-Robinson got married recently in California.

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Robertson bought the home this summer for nearly $500,000. FOX13 dug into his background and discovered he once lived in Memphis. He works for a record label based out of San Diego.

We called both numbers listed for him. One was disconnected and we left a message on the second. We wanted to ask him about the accusations that his wife faces in the murder of her ex-husband, Lorenzen Wright.

Did the couple ever talk about Lorenzen's murder and the unsolved crime?

Tim Robertson did not come to the Wright-Robinson extradition hearing on Monday. FOX13 is working to find out if he will be in the courtroom for the hearing on Wednesday.

We will continue to follow this developing story.