Sherra Wright makes brief court appearance while in wheelchair

RIVERSIDE, California — Monday morning, Sherra Wright-Robinson made a brief court appearance in Riverside County California.

PHOTOS: Sherra Wright makes brief court appearance while in wheelchair

The hearing was supposed to center around sending her back to Memphis to face charges for the 2010 murder of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright.

Wright-Robinson was seated in a wheelchair during the hearing. Before it began, she could be seen in the hallway moving her legs back and forth.


FOX13 asked defense attorney Jeff Zimel, who is not representing Wright-Robinson, for his legal opinion.

"I don't think you can read a lot into this at this time," he said.

Robinson-Wright's public defender wants her to be examined by a medical facility before the judge hears her case. As a result, the extradition hearing was pushed back until Wednesday.

Zimel told FOX13 the fact that she's in a wheelchair should not complicate the extradition process.

FOX13 was in the courtroom. Read updates from Greg Coy below.