• Sherra Wright-Robinson back in court, this time without a wheelchair


    RIVERSIDE COUNTY, California - Sherra Wright-Robinson made her second court appearance Wednesday. This time, she was not in a wheelchair.

    PHOTOS: Sherra Wright back in court, this time without a wheelchair

    The court hearing in Riverside County, California was expected to center around sending Wright back to Memphis, but that will not happen, at least for now. Wright-Robinson will remain in Riverside County until at least January 8.

    WATCH: Full video from Sherra Wright-Robinson's second court appearance

    Sherra Wright must have her extradition hearing in order to face charges for the murder of Lorenzen Wright, but the attorney of Wright-Robinson told the judge Wednesday morning he is "unavailable" until January 8.

    Wright-Robinson is looking to wave her extradition, but for now, she will remain in jail with no bond set until Jan. 8.

    PHOTOS: Sherra Wright back in court, this time without a wheelchair

    Many people were puzzled to see her in a wheelchair during her first court appearance on Monday, but she did not appear in a wheelchair Wednesday morning.

    Scroll down to see Greg Coy's minute-by-minute updates from the court hearing.

    Defense Attorney Konstantine Gurvoich is not connected to the case but told us people in Memphis eager to see Robinson return to face charges will just have to be patient.  

    “As defense counsel, you have to do everything in your power to defend your client and if their rights are going to violated, or possibly violated, you need to prevent that,” said Attorney Gurvoich.

    Gurvoich explained to FOX13, Robinson’s decision could be delayed by a month or longer when Memphis authorities can have her back in custody.  

    “The courts need to get it right. They need to make sure the right person is being taken into custody,” said Gurvoich.

    On Monday, Wright-Robinson's attorney asked to reschedule her court hearing due to health problems. She was seated in a wheelchair during the hearing. Before it began, she could be seen in the hallway moving her legs back and forth.


    FOX13’S Greg Coy went to her California neighborhood to speak with people who saw her every day. At least three neighbors told us they don’t know why Wright-Robinson needed a wheelchair because every time they saw her, she was walking and usually on her cell phone.

    Greg Coy is live in California outside the courthouse. See LIVE updates coming up on FOX13 News.

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