Sherra Wright’s attorneys removed from case, say they can no longer represent her

As Sherra Wright made what was expected to be a routine court appearance, another bombshell revelation surfaced.

Minutes into the court appearance Wednesday, Wright's former attorneys asked if they could be removed from the case because they can no longer represent her.

“They are asking the courts permission to be relieved as your attorneys? Do you understand that ma'm,” asked Judge Lee Coffee.

“Yes, sir,” replied Wright.

“Miss Wright, I'm going to grant Mr. Ballin and Mr. Farese’s request, and they are no longer going to represent you.”

The judge announced he would appoint a private lawyer for her.

Juni Ganguli is Wright’s new attorney.

“We will take a look at the discovery materials,” said Ganguli. “There have been investigators that are already working on the case.”

Ganguli was court-appointed Wednesday. He said he’s represented roughly 100 clients charged with murder.

“They are fighters, they care about their clients,” said Paul Hagerman, the prosecuting attorney with the Shelby County DA’s office. “So, I think that they will work hard and the thing will be done right.”

After the court appearance, Steve Farese explained the situation. He said the attorneys' relationship with Sherra had deteriorated to the point where they felt they could no longer represent her.


Billy Ray Turner and Wright are charged with murder.

The last time the two were in court was for a bond hearing. Turner's bond was set at $15 million.

Turner’s attorney John Keith Perry said Wright’s new team has months of work to catch up on.

“There is a lot of discovery, so he's got a lot of reading ahead,” Perry said. “I'll put it that way. And listening [to wiretap audio]. Thousands of pages.”

Wright's was set much higher at $20 million. During her hearing, the prosecutor outlined multiple times, Wright had acted up in Jail east.

The infractions included flooding her cell and threatening guards.

Judge Coffee said it will likely be a year before a trial begins.

In the meantime, Ganguli will have to maintain a good relationship with Wright, and the judge told her if Ganguli asks to be removed, she will have to hire her own attorney or defend herself.

“Miss Wright, work with your lawyer, and if your case cannot be worked out, I would like to get this case tried no later than sometime next year,” said Judge Coffee.

Wright’s next court date is August 22.

She implied she may try and hire an attorney on her own and would need to talk with her family, but the judge was very skeptical and reminded her that she did not have enough money to hire an investigator – and they are cheaper than attorneys.