Shots fired at horse drawn carriage in Downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating the assault of a horse carriage driver that resulted in gun shots in the middle of a traffic on Front Street Saturday night.

FOX13 got video moments after a horse carriage accidentally hit two cars on Front Street Saturday night.

Memphis Police say the minor accident turned violent after the carriage hit the second car.

We showed the video to Jamie Martin who lives near the incident scene.

The video shows the driver of the gray Dodge Challenger get out of his car and fire a shot in the air in the middle of traffic.

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In the video you can see the man walk over to the horse and point the gun at it.

According to the police report a witness told Memphis Police say the driver of the gray Dodge

Challenger got out his car with his gun and fired six shots in the air.

"Six shots, that is completely unnecessary. You could've put six people in danger," Martin said.
The video captures two of those shots

Police say after the suspect fired the shots he began to wave the gun in the face of the carriage driver.

We spoke Mark Bill, the owner of the carriage company by phone who wasn’t available for an on camera interview.

Bill told FOX13 his horse was not injured.

Memphis Police say by the time they got on the scene the gunman was gone.

“Completely irresponsible for the smallest reason. I’m sure he only got a scratch on his car from the carriage,” Martin said.

Memphis Police have released any suspect information in this case.

We are working right now to learn a license plate number on that GRAY Dodge challenger.