• Siblings made up story about man being kidnapped while buying PlayStation in Memphis


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A man who told police he was kidnapped while trying to buy a PlayStation and stabbed the suspect to escape made up the entire story, according to Memphis police.

    Bruce and Amanda Wren, who are brother and sister, are charged with False Reporting. The charges stem from an incident on March 5.

    Police said Amanda called 911 to report that Bruce had been robbed and kidnapped, according to details in an arrest affidavit.

    The siblings were together when officers arrived. They told investigators Bruce met a man on MocoSpace and agreed to buy a PlayStation 4 gaming system.

    When they met up, Bruce claimed the man pulled him into his car and drove off. He told police he was robbed of his money, but he was able to escape by stabbing the alleged suspect and jumping out of the vehicle, according to the arrest affidavit.

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    Both siblings signed documents saying their statements about the alleged robbery and kidnapping were true, according to MPD.

    Bruce told police the alleged suspect had two-tone dreadlocks and provided pictures of the man. MPD then issued a BOLO to the media.

    Later that day, the man in the photos went to a police station to turn himself in. He told officers  the Wren’s story was entirely made up.

    The man said the transaction was over pills – not a PlayStation – and the deal went bad. He told police he never drove off with Bruce Wren in his car, and he was not stabbed, according to details in the arrest affidavit.

    Investigators said the man provided text messages between himself and Bruce where they were discussing the sale of pills. He also showed officers that he had no stab wounds on his body.

    Two days later, the Wrens were brought into the police station for questioning, where they admitted to filing a fake report. The brother and sister were arrested.

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