Single mother raising daughter with Down syndrome killed in Germantown car crash

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Police have identified the two people killed Tuesday in the devastating crash on Poplar Avenue as a Cordova woman and her mother.

Deborah Mays, 45, and her mother Delores Miller were on their way to lunch when they were killed in the crash in Germantown.

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And Mays, a single mother, was raising a child with Down syndrome. While those who loved her are grieving, they are also trying to make sure Mays’ daughter, Summer, gets the same care her mother would have provided.

FOX13 spoke with Dr. Michele Faircloth, a friend and colleague of Mays. They were supposed to meet for lunch at the time of the deadly crash.

“I think she’d just give us all a hug and just try to get us feeling a little bit better. Probably crack a joke and dance some too,” said Faircloth.

Mays was a nurse practitioner at Methodist Le Bonheur in Germantown. That is where she met Faircloth – the two were fast friends.

Mays and her mother were on their way to meet Faircloth for lunch when they got in the accident.

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“We knew something was wrong because they didn’t answer and that’s not like them,” Faircloth said. “I honestly can’t wrap my head around having lunch plans with a friend and then your day ending the way that it did yesterday.

“It was a shock. We are still all in shock. The reality, I don’t think has really set in at this point in time.”

Mays and her daughter Summer, who has Down syndrome, relied heavily on Miller, who was also killed.

That left a lot of questions on what to do next.

“Her daughter was her life,” said Faircloth. “She loved her. Everything about her, she did for her.”

That is why Mays’ friends at Methodist are working to establish a trust fund to help take care of her expenses as she grows up.

“It’s so important to us that since she doesn’t have her mother and her grandmother anymore that some of the other financial stresses aren’t there, so she can do the things her mom would want her to have,” Faircloth said.

Faircloth told FOX13 that she and others also set up a GoFundMe for the two women's funeral expenses. It read, in part:

"Deborah was the kindest, most caring, and fun loving mother that will be missed by many. When Deborah wasn't spending quality time with her daughter and family, she was busy being a motherly figure and caring for her patients at Methodist Germantown, where she worked as a nurse practitioner."

To view the campaign and donate, click here.