Sinkholes causing major headaches for residents in Memphis neighborhood

WATCH: Sinkholes causing major headaches for residents in Memphis neighborhood

A Whitehaven homeowner told FOX13 sinkholes are making it nearly impossible to get out of his driveway safely, and he believes the city of Memphis isn’t doing enough to fix the problem.

FOX13’s Siobhan Riley went to the home and saw two big sinkholes at the end of the driveway. One of them measured close to 12 inches deep.

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“My kids can’t even come out and play because I’m too scared of them walking in it or falling in it or hurting themselves,” the homeowner, JoRoy Means, told FOX13.

Means home is located in Whitehaven.

“My driveway is about 30 feet across and all I got left is five,” Means said when describing the space he has to use when backing out. He is unable to use most of the driveway because of the holes.

Means told FOX13 he called 311 at least six times to report the problem, and the city was slow to respond.

“They came out here and fixed it,” he said. “You can see it’s about 12 inches. They came out here and fixed it, patched it up, but they don’t resolve the problem up under there.”

Crews with the city of Memphis placed green dye in the sinkholes Monday.  The nontoxic fluid helps workers identify the cause of sinkholes, cave-ins and other holes in the ground.

Siobhan Riley asked JoRoy Means about his biggest fear.

“My biggest fear is that someone is going to get hurt,” he answered. “Several of us on the street have already had broken rims before.”

When FOX13 emailed a spokesperson with the city of Memphis about the problem, she said the city was notified two to three months ago about a sinkhole.
The city stabilized and repaired the sewer and street at that time. They said they were notified Friday about a newer sink hole in the street in the next sewer segment.

“When we first called them, all they did was put signs up to let people know not to go around, but we need more than signs, we need it to be fixed right,” Means said.

Means told FOX13 when he would call 311 he would get transferred to one supervisor, then get transferred to someone else. He said they would not return his phone calls – so he just had to keep calling until he got answers.