Slice of cheese and chips served to local high school students

BYHALIA, Miss. — Students and parents are outraged after a questionable lunch was served at Byhalia High School.

The social media sensation showed a single slice of cheese over chips

FOX13 found out the school system stands by their meal.

Locals like Marcell Leverson are angry about the sloppy lunch. “Looks like something you would throw together to me… I wouldn’t have eaten it,” Leverson said.

According to the Marshall County School system, the meal wasn’t just thrown together – they used a recipe.

People in the community didn’t agree. “No, they didn’t use a recipe. They just went to the store, grabbed some bologna and cheese and put it together,” Johnny Harris said.

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Another local explained, “I don’t believe that... they can do better by our kids.”

The school system said the meal would have looked better if shredded cheese was used because that’s what the recipe calls for.

Superintendent Lela Hale would not go on camera, but she told us the meal has the right amount of dairy, grain, and beef to make it nutritious.

Another parent told FOX13, “I couldn’t believe they were feeding that to our kids.”

A number of parents told FOX13 they were outraged by the meal, and they're reaching out to the state to ask for an investigation.