Snapped utility pole, hanging wires raising major safety concerns in Memphis neighborhood

WATCH: Snapped utility pole, hanging wires raising major safety concerns in Memphis neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who live in Southeast Memphis said the snapped utility pole and hanging wires they drive and walk past every day is causing a lot of problems in their neighborhood.

Homeowners said they are fed up because the pole is causing safety concerns. Their biggest fear is that it’s going to fall and hurt someone.

“I think it needs to be fixed because you got children walking to school,” said Margaret Cox, who drives past the utility pole every day.

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It is located on Germantown Road near Chevy Chase Drive.

Cox said she sees a number of children walking past the pole on their way to and from school every day. Other homeowners told FOX13 this is the reason they drive their grandchildren to class instead of letting them walk.

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“I have seen kids walk and mothers be walking, I see this lady she used to have a baby on her back and her little child be walking,” said Mary Stingley, who lives in the area.

The snapped pole isn’t the only problem. Stingley said the hanging wires in the area are scary to look at as well.

“If a big wind come through, maybe a car could swing that way or something and it could electrocute somebody,” Stingley said.

When asked about these issues, MLGW officials initially told FOX13 they are looking into it.

MLGW released a statement several hours later saying all of the wires have been transferred to a replacement pole next to it.

The wires still attached to the broken pole belong to communication companies.

Once the communication companies transfer their wires to the replacement pole, MLGW will remove the broken one.