Social media post by well-known Ole Miss alumnus receiving backlash

Students at Ole Miss spoke out about a controversial Facebook post made by a well-known alumnus.

Officials hosted two different groups of students to discuss what they think should be done following the post made by Ed Meek.

Leaders also responded Thursday to the post.

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According to the school paper, Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter said a post made by Ed Meek had racial overtones.

Meek is the namesake for the school of journalism.

His post was addressing the issue of fights in the Oxford Square over the weekend.
It featured two African-American women.

He talked about a 3-percent decline in enrollment and falling property values.

People believe he was implying African American's are leading to those issues.

Meek deleted the post and issued an apology on Facebook - he deleted that apology overnight.

There's now a petition to remove Meek's name from the Ole Miss School of Journalism.

The journalism school's Facebook account posted later addressing the controversial post made by Meek.

University officials met with faculty Thursday morning regarding the incident.

They also announced in a Facebook post that they will host a session to hear from students at Ole Miss.

Dear Students,

Our school leadership team met with faculty this morning, and we would now very much like to hear from you. If you are able, please join us tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Nutt Auditorium. This session is open to journalism and IMC students only. An open forum for the university community begins at 7:30 p.m. in the same location.

For us, this is a listening session. We are developing a response and set of solutions that reflect the values of our school. We can only do so if we have your input.

We will continue to stay on top of this story on-air and online.