• Sources: MPD officers bred police K-9s with their family pets

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Multiple law enforcement sources told FOX13 the Memphis Police K 9 unit is under investigation by internal affairs.  

    The dogs are okay but what some officers are accused of doing may have violated department policy by using the animals for personal gain. 

    "I will say there is an investigation of some of officers assigned to the K-9 unit," said Memphis Police

    Director Michael Rallings when FOX13 asked to confirm the internal affairs probe.  

    Sources said at least two officers used an MPD K-9 as a stud.

    His puppies were occasionally housed at the K-9 building. 

    The officers are accused of trying to sell the puppies online as a police dogs.  

    "It is still early on so there is not much more that I can share about that," said Rallings.

    FOX13 researched MPD policy about officers using department items that are bought with your tax dollars. It states an, "officer shall not convert to personal use any property or money or any other items belonging to the city," unless he gets permission.  

    There are strict rules for the use of the specialized K-9’s and using them as a stud is not one of them.  

    By selling the puppies online, the officers would have had the potential to make thousands.  

    FOX13 searched the internet to see if the officer's website or page existed but could not find it. We did notice other sites advertising a police dog puppy for as much as for 12-hundred dollars each.  

    "I am always disappointed," said Rallings when asked about an of his officers under an internal affairs probe.

    If the investigation proves the officers did violate department policy, they could be given a written reprimand, a transfer to another unit or a suspension without pay.

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