South Memphis family calls tall grass in nearby abandoned lot an eye sore, invitation to crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis family wants the tall grass cut in the abandoned lot next to their home after complaining about it for months.

They said the problem property is both an eye sore and an invitation to crime.

City hall officials told FOX13 a contractor will be out there to cut the grass by the end of the week or next week at the earliest, but the family wants to know what took so long – since they have called 311 multiple times.

“I have been calling for ya'll for the last three months and they have been telling me the same thing every day,” said Phillip Martin.

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The abandoned lot next to the Martin family’s home has weeds and grass as tall as the hood of their car.

The family told FOX13 they have called repeatedly to complain since June to demand it be cut – with no luck.

City officials said they had to find another contractor to do the job because the grass is so tall, the lot is so large, and recent rains have made the ground wet.

When Martin drives his car, he claims the grass blocks his view of oncoming traffic and stop signs, in addition to attracting crime.

“I don't know who gonna pull up when I drive my car up. I don’t know who is going jump out of there and pull a pistol on me while I am trying to get in my house,” Martin said.

When those contractors finally cut the grass, the city said the property owner will get the bill.

If the owner doesn’t end up paying for it, a lien will be placed on the property and added to his yearly tax bill.