• South Memphis woman pleading for help to save her home

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A south Memphis woman is pleading for help after the roof of her home began caving in.

    The back of her house had already collapse leaving behind a pile of wood and debris and Monday's storm only made matters worse. 

    FOX13 spoke with the homeowner, Lillian Foster, who told us that none of this damage was caused by Monday’s storm. 

    Foster told FOX13, “it was a house of love, that’s what I called it.” 

    The home, off Ridgeway, was where Foster grew up and it’s in desperate need of some tender loving care. 

    She said she the tree in the backyard fell in June, but then the roof caved in last month -- leaving a trail of broken shingles, plywood and debris.

    “I haven’t been able to use it. We just pushed it off and blocked it off for the rest of the house but, you can see feel the wind and hear the rain dripping down.”  

    Foster said she’s on a fixed income, and she couldn’t afford the repairs.

    Jeffrey Higgs from the Lemoyne-Owen College Community Development Corporation said told FOX13, “its something that I’ve seen before, and I know there’s a need because people call us.”  

    Higgs is working to help Foster find temporary housing and says her story is one of hundreds across older neighborhoods like Soulsville, Raleigh and Frayser.

    Higgs says the solution isn’t just money for new affordable housing, it’s preserving what’s already here.

    “We’ve got to be able in this city to find some dollars to fix up the existing stock and you got people on fixed incomes who really can’t afford to do that,” said Higgs. 

    While these past few months haven’t been easy, Foster hasn’t lost faith and said she’s still blessed.

    She told us, “well lord I got part of house to live in, some folks ain’t got nowhere to live, so I consider myself still blessed."

    Community members say they’re working to get Ms. Foster and her grandkids into temporary housing as soon as possible.

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