Southaven man's RV stolen from behind his own business by tow truck driver

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — It was a bold overnight heist, and the thief took his sweet time.

A man’s RV was stolen from behind his own business by a tow truck driver in the Mid-South.

Danny Metcalf owns a pawn shop in Southaven, and he told FOX13 his RV was stored behind the business – until it was stolen Thursday night.

The surveillance video shows the thief pull up in a red or orange semi-truck used for towing cars. The thief calmly and slowly hooked up the RV and pulled it off the lot.

Metcalf said he realized the RV was gone Friday morning, as he was taking his dog for a walk behind the pawn shop.

The suspect only left the blocks that the camper was sitting on.

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It took up to 30 minutes to hook up the RV to the tow truck, Metcalf said.

“Yeah, the guy who stole it was in no hurry whatsoever, took his time on it, had a limp to him but he was in no hurry whatsoever,” Metcalf said.

He said the RV was insured, and he just wants the man caught.

When Metcalf told police, he told FOX13 officers couldn’t believe it either.

“They said he looked like he was ready to go camping himself, taking his sweet time,” Metcalf said. “They said it will be obvious with an 18-wheeler pulling a camper down the road.”

The thief backed the RV into the back of his pawn shop a number of times while trying to tow it off, causing minor damage, according to Metcalf.

Police haven’t released any information regarding a suspect.