Southaven police release report on deadly officer-involved shooting

Southaven police release report on deadly officer-involved shooting

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Southaven police have released a report following the deadly officer-involved shooting that killed Ismael Lopez.

However, that report includes almost no information and is almost entirely blank.

The report does list Lopez as an "offender." It also incorrectly identifies him as Caucasian.

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Police told FOX13 the narrative and witness list have been redacted, because MBI is investigating.

We reached out to the attorney representing the Lopez family for comment. We were sent the following statement:

We are not surprised by the lack of any real reporting of facts in the police "report" issued by the Southaven Police department.  What little information contained in this "report" is incorrect in that it identifies Mr. Lopez as a white offender, while he was neither.

The letter attached to the police reports cites Mississippi statutory law but comes from the chief of police, and not from the district attorney or the attorney of record for the City of Southaven, which begs the question as to whether or not the city received a legal opinion about what information should or should not be released as a matter of public record.  The statement by the chief of police does not show how they believe a blank report complies with Mississippi Code 25-61-12(c).  

The silence by the City of Southaven with respect to condolences, empathy, or clarification to the Lopez family remains deafening.

There was no warrant in effect at the time of the shooting, and it was later revealed police were looking for someone else when they killed Lopez. The warrant was signed out of Tate County on Monday, July 24.

Lopez was shot and killed on July 23. During a news conference, an attorney for his family claimed Lopez was shot in the back of the head.

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The man police were looking for when Lopez was killed was Samuel Pearman. However, no warrant was active for him when police came to Lopez's door.

Pearman spoke with FOX13 about what he saw the night of the deadly shooting.

Police claimed Lopez pointed a gun at them.

The attorney said that after processing all of the information that has been released by law enforcement and elected officials, it is “impossible” to “see how can you arrive at the conclusion of anything other than a cover up.”

The attorney stressed that his findings are based on the distance from the door to where Mr. Lopez came to a rest, along with the nature of the injury.

“It is completely contrary to any notion that he is at the door, with the door cracked, brandishing a weapon. Those facts cannot peacefully coexist in any universe," the attorney said.