St. Jude gets $34.3 million grant to study influenza

WATCH: St. Jude get grant to study the flu virus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — St. Jude received a seven-year grant of up to $34.3 million to study influenza.

The study will include investigators at 12 medical and research centers across the world.

We reached out to St. Jude and they sent us a statement from the study’s principal investigator.

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Dr. Paul Young said in part, “There is evidence that the very first flu virus encountered, whether as an infection or vaccination, ‘imprints’ on the developing immune system and influences the immune response to different flu viruses for decades.”

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St. Jude reports flu and complications like pneumonia remain a leading cause of death in America.
"This study provides an opportunity to understand how imprinting affects individuals' immune memory and their ability to confront flu on subsequent exposures," Thomas said.

“Understanding the mechanism could lead to vaccines that ‘train’ the immune response to be longer lasting and able to protect against a wider variety of flu viruses.”