• Student's arm broken after being jumped by 10 suspects at bus stop

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis teen is recovering after he was beaten up by 10 people at a School Bus stop in Binghamton. Two of the people were adults.

    People who live at the corners of Merton and Yale told FOX13 Merton Avenue Baptist Church is the place students from area schools get on and off the bus.


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    Police said five people were waiting for the teen to get off the bus, five of the other attackers were on the bus with the teen.

    The teen told his father when he got off the bus.

    Larry Hunter is a parent from a school near where the fight happened.

    "Not surprised, but it’s kind of scary because we are living in a world now you never know what’s going to happen,” Hunter said.

    The teen told police his attackers were initially there for two of his friends who were beat up last week by the same group.

    The teen’s friends didn’t get off the bus at the stop, and decided to attack him instead.

    Police said the boy was punched, kicked, and slammed to the ground.

    The gruesome attack left him with a broken arm.

    The boy was seen by a friend being attacked and was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

    "It just shows that they are cowards. It don't take that many people to jump on one person. Maybe they feel like they couldn't beat that one person,” Hunter said.

    We spoke to the teens who got off the bus Wednesday. They knew why we were there and told us none of the people involved in yesterday’s incident were on the bus today.

    We reached out to the father of the student who was attacked early Wednesday. We haven’t had any luck hearing back from him.

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