Students protest new University of Mississippi's Chancellor

WATCH: Ole Miss names new chancellor despite student protests

OXFORD, Miss. — The University of Mississippi’s Chancellor is defending his new position. This comes after dozens of students protested how Dr. Glenn Boyce was selected as the school’s new leader.

FOX13 talked with the chair of the selection committee about this process.

Even though there was a national search, students said they’re upset because there wasn’t enough campus input during the process.

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Students were protesting in and outside where the board of trustees was supposed to formally introduce Boyce to the campus.

During a conference call with reporters, Boyce said he respects the student's right to protest and wants to meet with them soon.

“I value being a strong communicator, and I value being a strong listener, and I can tell you I will be visiting with our student leaders, and they will be absolutely some of the first individuals I seek out in order to spend time with and talk through this entire process,” Boyce said.

Committee members said Boyce was initially hired as a consultant before the national search for a new chancellor even started.

Boyce said he was paid around $87,000 for his work.

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