Study shows addition of new Germantown apartments may create issues

WATCH: New study shows impact of apartments

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A new study presented to the Board and Alderman gave insight to how new apartments could affect the area.

This study was performed after residents expressed concerns about more crime and overcrowding in schools.

According to the moratorium the number of police calls would go from nearly 23 incident calls per day to 27.

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The study projects the impact on police if 3,642  apartments were added to the area by 2028.

About two of the incidents are projected to be from 2,141 new apartments. The other two would be from 1,202 single-family homes.

"The more people you put in a smaller area that causes issues, conflict," Alderman Scott Sanders said.

Alderman Sanders said in the 2019 to 2020 budget police are adding a new district.

He said Germantown police already have quick response times.

"If the data is correct and we dont have that many more calls to service as to police and fire thats good," Alderman Scott said.

A city spokesperson said right now 276 apartments are almost finished getting built.

The apartments are called the Thornwood residence and it would have lofts above Market Rowe.

While some residents are concerned about crime increasing, others like Sonja Clark think more apartments could be good for the city.

"I think having diverse housing options is a good thing for a city and it brings a healthy level of diversity and allowing different people to live here who have different needs," Clark said.

Right now an apartment for 299 units in the Forest Hill Heights area is in limbo.

The planning commission will be reviewing it.

"I think there are ways to have standards but also have diverse housing options,"said Clark.

An apartment complex called the watermark was denied in the past.

The link to the moratorium is here.