• Support dog taken from adult child with disabilities

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Cordova family is desperate to bring their dog home. The animal was last seen on surveillance video on the street in front of their house on Sunday, but it's not just any dog. 

    FOX13 spoke with the family, they said the dog was a therapy dog for an adult child with mental disabilities.

    It's a Tea Cup Yorkie named Chanel.

    Chanel was the companion of an adult child, who rarely speaks, rarely leaves her room and rarely shows emotions. And now that her dog is missing, a family is desperate to find it.

    It's the story about a girl and her dog, but this Tea Cup Yorkie named Chanel isn't just any dog. It was a therapy dog, used to comfort Lisa Harris' adult child.

    "She doesn't talk as it is. She suffers from quite a few disabilities but with that puppy you know she's able to go out and like she did walking the puppy", said Lisa Harris whose daughter’s dog is missing. 

    That is until Sunday afternoon when someone was seen on surveillance camera picking the dog up out of the street in front of their house. The person is driving a white Nissan Altima. The family has no idea how the dog may have gotten out of the house. 

    Harris' daughter understands the dog is missing but it's been hard.

    "She can't express herself and I know that she's hurting without that puppy because that puppy stayed in her room with her. It was something for her to do with her disability. It was something that she cared for and something that she loved", said Harris.

    Chanel was a gift from a doctor to help with her daughter's disabilities. The treatment was working, she had been more outgoing, but this has been a setback.

    "She went upstairs, and she wouldn't come down to eat dinner. Like now she's in the kitchen with her head turned and she just won't say anything without that puppy. That puppy meant the world to her", Harris said. 

    So now a family's plea, to the person in the white Nissan Altima. Help bring this dog home to a girl who desperately needs it.

    "As a mother right now, I'm desperate. I am really fighting for someone to just please turn that puppy back in," Harris finished.

    Take another look at this therapy dog. It's a Tea Cup Yorkie and it is named is Chanel. 

    The dog needs daily medication and has a red collar with a bell. It also has the letter "C" on it.

    If you have seen this dog, you are asked to contact Shelby County Sheriff's Office

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