• Woman shot and killed in Fox Meadows, suspect in custody

    By: Marius Payton , Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, TN - A 27-year-old woman was shot and killed in the 3500 block of Kings Arms Monday night.

    Mario Scales, 30, is charged with first degree murder and violation of a protection order in the case. Police said he was known to the victim.

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    FOX13 has been looking into Scale's past involving domestic violence and YWCA workers said men like Scales are their worst nightmare.

    Women who work to rescue others from domestic violence situations refer to these “domestic predators” as level 10's.

    Those who would stop at nothing to bring harm to someone they supposedly loved. This tragedy hit very close to the employees of the YWCA. They knew the victim personally.

    As a family tries to make sense of the violence that's left a hole in their hearts. Marquietpta Odom told us she lost a friend, "When I actually heard the word last night, it was devastating. It was very hurtful. It was unbelievable."

    Odom is the Director of Abused Women’s Services and has dedicated her life to fighting domestic violence at the YWCA. She said the loss of life always brings unanswered questions.

    "What more could we have done or said to make a difference? But a lot of times there's no more that you can do as a person, as an agency or as a part of the domestic violence community when a tragedy like this happens."

    FOX13 has learned Mario Scales was arrested on March 20th of this year for assaulting the same victim of Monday night’s shooting after police say they found a Glock 22 in his car with live ammunition.

    Odom refers to these individuals as Level 10's.  "Because he was a level 10, it appears that he may have been one of those who says I'm not gonna stop," Odom said.

    FOX13 dug deeper into Scales’ past and TBI records show prior to March 20th, the worse crime he committed was driving on a suspended license.

    FOX13 knows Scales did have an order of protection after the March incident, but that piece of paper apparently did nothing. “Very aggravated,” said Odom. “But at the same time, laws are there and they're put in place for a reason. And for some people, once you get that order protection many will leave you alone. But what we call a level 10 that piece of paper doesn't mean anything to them.”

    FOX13 asked Odom if domestic violence laws need to be changed. She said these laws should be reviewed and we should always advocate for better laws.

    She also said these Level 10 predators should not leave jails.

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