Suspect shot and killed after 'scuffle' with officer in Arkansas

WATCH: ASP investigates after police shoot, kill man

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Officials are investigating after an officer-involved shooting in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Marzues Scott, 35, was killed during the shooting overnight.

Investigators told FOX13 the Blytheville Police department requested the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investors Division to investigate the shooting by officers.

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Scant police details

An officer was dispatched around 11:30 Sunday night to a disturbance at the Dodge's convenience store in the 3600 block of South Division Street.

When the officer arrived on the scene, he encountered Scott across the street at the Deerfield Inn located in the 1100 block of Kari Lane. Officers said Scott allegedly attacked the officer during a scuffle.

Then the officer shot Scott, he later died at a located hospital. The officer suffered minor injuries during the attack.

Arkansas Police have not identified the officer involved in the attack.

Scott's body has been taken to the Arkansas State Crime laboratory to determine what caused the death and collect forensic evidence.

Special agents with the Arkansas State Police are investigating.

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No additional details were provided on how the alleged attack began or what started the alleged altercation.

An employee at Deerfield Inn told FOX13 that a manager at the motel witnessed the altercation and shooting.

That employee called the manager while FOX13 was at the motel, but the manager did not pick up his phone.

Blytheville Police did not respond to our inquiry for the officer’s name or to whether the officer involved is still on active duty. State police would not comment further, citing its ongoing investigation.

But additional details were provided to FOX13 by employees working in the area.

Scott was staying at the Deerfield Inn for at least the last two weeks, an employee confirmed to FOX13.

An employee at Dodge’s told FOX13 that Scott was a frequent customer; a similar sentiment said by the nearby Exxon.

That employee said there is video showing Scott involved in an incident inside. FOX13 asked a manager to see that video. He declined and gave us a corporate phone number to call.

The corporate representative has not returned our call.

‘To kill him like that? He’s no dog’

For family, a range of emotions overtook them. Frustration turned to heartbreak.

“To kill him like that? He’s no dog that you lay on the street out here. He’s a human being and he’s my brother,” said Jewell Bonds.

Bonds is Scott’s cousin, but he is more than that to her. She said the two grew up together in the same house.

To her, Scott was her brother.

During an interview with FOX13, Scott’s family brought out a collage of high school photos of Scott.

“Marzues graduated from high school. He served his country in the Marines. He was as smart as a whip,” said Bonds, who added that Scott went to Arkansas-Pine Bluff. “He wasn’t a bad child.”

From heartbreak came anger 

Bonds said Scott was schizophrenic, something she said the officers should have known.

“Where’s the camera to show my family what y’all have done to him?” asked Bonds.

Bonds spoke for her family of about a dozen gathered at Scott’s mother and grandmother’s home, demanding answers from police.

The family said Scott did not have a weapon on him. State investigators have neither confirmed nor denied that point.

“You messed with the wrong person, you killed the wrong man, and I’m not pleased with that,” said Bonds. “He’s dead now [and he doesn’t] have a voice. But I’m his voice.

“I don’t know how you sleep at night knowing you took an innocent, defenseless, handicapped person’s life."