• Suspects arrested in December murder, victim's body wasn't found until 49 days later

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Police caught Mardracus West and Earl Brown in the 3000 block of Princeton Avenue hiding in the attic of a home.  

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    The two are accused of killing an undocumented immigrant, leading to a major investigation about the crime and how the crime scene was handled.  

    Cars were outside the residence but no one answered the door when FOX13 knocked to ask about the arrest.

    Nextdoor neighbor Brian Wilborn told us what he saw. "I only saw about five or six undercover cars, and they went in and out of the house,” said Brian Wilborn.

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    Wilborn didn't see officers take into custody West or Brown, but when showed we him their pictures he said, "I have known him. He grew up around the neighborhood."

    Police have charged both men with first-degree murder in the death of Bardomiano Perez Hernandez.

    West and Brown admitted to trying to rob the van where Hernandez was in the back and two others were in the front.  

    They started shooting when the victims tossed beers cans at them. The crime happened on December 18, 2018.  

    FOX13 has learned eight days later, a tip crime stoppers identified West as one of the gunmen.  

    Hernandez's body was not found until 49 days later after the van was taken to the city's impound lot.  

    People living at the apartment complex where the shooting happened said West and Brown were known.  

    "I have seen them in the neighborhood before,” said one neighbor who did not want to give him name.

    According to the police affidavit, both West and Brown admitted to being involved in the shooting, but it was West who told police he shot at the driver Pablo Castro five times.  

    "Justice should be served the way it should be served if they admitted to it,” said Wilborn.

    Investigators wrote in their affidavit,  the motive for the crime was robbery, but West and Brown walked away without a dime.

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