‘Take the Yard' plans to cleanup area near Raleigh schools

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — ‘Take the Yard’ is a cleanup initiative focused on keeping the Raleigh community clean.

Kids in the community have to walk past abandoned homes every day on their way to school.

Boarded up buildings are just one of a number of eyesores near the Raleigh schools.

Studies show that blight that surrounds schools can impact children for a lifetime.

Urban.org says a rundown neighborhood with vacant lots and abandoned buildings can mean lower literacy scores for pre-K children.

That same report says rundown neighborhoods can equate to premature morality, diabetes, homicide, suicide and even sexually transmitted diseases.

There are three phases to this project. The first phase started this Saturday from 9-12 at Raleigh Egypt High School.

The painting takes place in September and October.

For more information on the Raleigh CDC and how you can volunteer, call 901-258-3273.

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