• TDOT taking action following complaints about conditions at 'dangerous' Memphis intersection

    By: Scott Madaus


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The State of Tennessee is taking action after several complaints were made about what many said are the “tall, bumpy ridges” at Poplar Avenue and East Parkway. 

    Drivers said they are hard and uncomfortable to go over, and Memphians have been frustrated with that intersection for years.

    The right lane, specifically, was extra bumpy and difficult to drive over. 

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    “It’s like riding a bumpy roller coaster (in your car),” said Memphis driver Bonny Martin.

    Martin drives on the road daily and said it’s not just an annoyance – it’s also incredibly dangerous. 

    Another driver, Anne Brown, echoed that statement. 

    “I’m just glad to get through it without being killed,” Brown said.

    TDOT officials told FOX13 they will immediately send engineers to identify the problem, coming up with a solution shortly after.

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