Teachers fired after sending 'inappropriate messages' about Memphis middle school students

Teachers fired after sending 'inappropriate messages' about Memphis middle school students

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Local teachers have been fired after sharing 'inappropriate messages' about students in a group chat, according to school officials.

The Soulsville Charter School released a statement to parents concerning the incident.

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Officials with the school met with eighth-graders that were impacted by the teachers Tuesday morning.

They offered, "time and support for them to process things." The statement also explained that all classes and subjects would proceed normally.

Tim Sampson, communication director for The Soulsville Charter School, confirmed this information.

Jennifer McKinney – a former student teacher – took screenshots of the “inappropriate messages” and then sent the complaints to Soulsville Charter School officials.

The teachers who were in the group chat all taught eighth-grade students at the charter school.

One message involved one of the teachers poking fun at a student who had an accident during class.

Here the full statement from The Soulsville Charter School concerning the situation -- 

We know that many of you are concerned about recent events regarding some of our 8th-grade teachers in the middle school. We are taking this very seriously and have put measures into place to make sure that a situation like this will never happen again. The 8th-grade teachers involved in the incident are no longer at The Soulsville Charter School.
Please know that, as always, your children's care is our top priority.
we are working to navigate the next steps to ensure that our 8t graders have a strong conclusion to the 2018-2019 school year. Please know that we as a campus-wide organization remain committed to the achievement, safety, respect, and privacy of all our children and families.
As a first step, we met with 8th grade this morning, gave time and support for them to process things, and will ensure that all classes and subjects proceed normally.

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