Teen charged in connection to deadly stabbing of church deacon

An 18-year-old woman is in jail, charged with second degree murder after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend Monday night in the 4100 block of Maumee in Westwood.

Memphis police told FOX13 Destinee Garner White is responsible for the stabbing death of 47-year-old Torey Taylor Monday.

>>Local deacon stabbed to death by woman 

Questions continue to surface as to what caused Destinee Garner White to be the number one suspect in murder.

Memphis police said Garner White and Taylor were in a verbal altercation in the kitchen of his home.

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Police told FOX13 that is when Garner White picked up a knife and stabbed him in the back of his head and several other times in the chest area... All while Taylor’s 14-year-old daughter was home.

Taylor’s mother, Lottie Taylor, explained to FOX13 how she learned about her son’s death moments after it happened doors down from her home. “Destinee came busting in my door, had blood all over her hands and said she stabbed Torey," Taylor said.

Lottie Taylor said that when she went to go see her son, Garner White followed, and that is when another fight ensued involving Taylor’s 14-year-old daughter and Garner White.

According to an affidavit, the teen would hit Garner White in the head with a blender, causing a head injury.

Taylor said, even with the fighting going on, she could only give her attention to her son. “I looked at his eyes, and his eyes were rolled back, and I said, 'You gone baby. You gone,'" Taylor said.

Police told FOX13 Garner White gave a typed statement admitting to the stabbing.

“I hate it happened. I do, because I love her too," Taylor said.

As it stands right now, no bond has been set for Garner White.

According to a police report, Garner White was punched in the face multiple times in November by her boyfriend Tory Taylor after he thought she was looking at another man.

Police told us Garner White would suffer bruises to her arm and neck.

Taylor told FOX13 her son and Garner had a living arrangement agreement.

We checked Torey Taylor’s criminal history in Shelby County and we discovered he has charges for criminal aggravated burglary and voluntary manslaughter.

FOX13 spoke by phone with families of victims involved in those cases who told us it comes as no surprise Taylor’s life ended the way it did.

Lottie Taylor said not knowing what all happened just leaves too many questions to come to any conclusion between Taylor and Garner White.