Teen charged with 12 counts of attempted first degree murder, police say

A Memphis teenager was arrested and charged with 12 charges of attempted first degree murder charges.

Memphis police arrested Termeria Harris, 18, for shooting at multiple homes.

The arrest affidavit said multiple people were inside a house on the 4100 block of Navaho Avenue. The home was then shot. It's not clear how many times the house was struck.

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Police said three people then went to another house on the 5900 block of Fox Lair. That home was also shot up.

Before the shooting. one of the victims saw a Facebook Live video where Harris said the victim's daughter is going to die and they would 'use a chopper to get them."

Police arrested Harris and admitted to shooting up both homes. She said she was upset over a broken window, police said.

She also said she knew people were inside the home.