• Teen feels betrayed after 'close friend' is accused of stealing guns from her family

    By: Jacque Masse


    A Shelby County teenager feels betrayed after thieves stole guns from her grandparents’ home. 

    It happened off Macedonia road near the city of Brighton.

    Three 18-year-old suspects named Joseph Kaleb Edelstein, Jevonnie Lee and Maurik Robertson are charged with theft of property and aggravated burglary.

    Edelstein was also charged with possessing a firearm during commission/attempt to commit a dangerous felony. 

    Felicity Ballard said she feels used because one of the suspects is her close friend.

    She said Edelstein would come over often and that's how he knew where all the guns were stored in the house. 

    "I really trusted him, I thought he was my real friend but turns out you can’t really trust everybody," said Ballard.

    She's known him since her freshman year in high school.

    He would spend time with her family after school.

    "We were very close friends. He was like my brother," Ballard.

    Deputies said Edelstein and the two other suspects broke inside the home on Thursday.

    They said the suspects stole 5 guns worth almost $2,000.

    Ballard woke up Thursday morning to the noise of shattered glass. 

    “I didn’t know. I was such in shock. I didn’t know what to do," said Ballard. 

    Ballard said she walked outside her home and saw Edelstein sitting in his white truck. 

    The two other suspects drove off in another car.

    Ballard said Edelstein told her he was robbed.

    "He told me he got held at gunpoint and that didn’t make sense to me," said Ballard.

    She said Edelstein insisted that he was forced to do this. 

    "I did want to believe him, I did because family wouldn't do something like that," said Ballard.

    Officers did not believe Edelstein's story.

    They took him in for questioning after looking at security footage across the street.

    Edelstein eventually confessed to burglarizing the home.

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