• Teen killed in West Memphis double shooting

    By: Shelby Sansone


    West Memphis Police Department said 18-year-old Clark Brown died after a double shooting at the Westwood Apartment Complex.

    They told us 19-year-old Bryson Dorsey was shot in the hand and is in stable condition.

    Lakisha Glaspy lives in the apartment complex.

    “I was woken by gunshots, I ran in the room, I grabbed my baby, I put her on the floor,” she said.

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    She and several neighbors say there were 10 to 11 gunshots, and it sounded like an automatic rifle.

    “Ten minutes later I heard somebody screaming, screaming like they were looking for their brother, she didn’t know where he was,” Glaspy said.

    WMPD told us the two victims were walking when they were shot.

    They do not have any suspect information, and say it is an ongoing investigation.

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