• Teen missing for three weeks, mother and grandmother pleading for public's help

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A family is looking for help and answers after their 15-year-old daughter and granddaughter went missing.

    They believe the teen is a victim of sex trafficking. We spoke with the family Monday afternoon, and they told us the family is desperate to find the girl.

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    They said they have searched up and down streets, put flyers on thorny telephone poles, and spoke with pimps who've told the family they know nothing. All the while, a 15-year-old handles these Memphis streets all alone.

    "I'm worried about her. I want her to come home," said Dorothy Reed, grandmother of the missing teen.

    It's a grandmother's grief, worrying about her 15-year-old granddaughter who has been missing for 3 weeks. She was last seen with friends in her Binghampton neighborhood.

    "I am so concerned. It's like I can't function right. It's like a piece of me is missing," said the girl’s mother, Elonda Reed. 

    It was first thought that the teen was out on the streets with friends. Then she found out during our interview from someone in her own family, that the 15-year-old was in the company of an older man, the possible victim of sex trafficking.

    (But now you just found out that she's not at a girl’s house.) "Yes." (She's with a grown man.)"Yes." (How does that make you feel?) "Like I want to kill him because he should know better," said the mother.

    This is not the first time the 15-year-old has gone missing. Often times, these young victims are promised a better life from these sexual predators outside of their homes; a life with more money, no school and more freedom.

    "The scary part is she's not here with me. She supposed to be in school and at home. 15 years old and she got no reason out here in the streets like that," said the grandmother.

    The family told us they have gone to police, but fear that since the teen has gone missing before she will be labeled a runaway even though the arms this teen has run into may not have her best interests in mind. So, her family is desperate to find her, even making a plea to the man who has her.

    "I would ask him if he could just please just send her home. To her family we miss her. We love her, and we would like for her to be here with us," said Elonda.

    (What would you do to this guy?) "Lock him up. She needs to be in school. I just want her to come home," cried Dorothy.

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