Teen tells police he was shot while walking, but investigators find different story

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis teen told police he was shot while walking in North Memphis early Monday morning, but further investigation shows that story was not true, according to investigators.

Police were called to the 2000 block of S. Cabana Circle just after midnight in response to a shooting. The vctim told officers he was shot at Chelsea and Peres, about a mile and a half away.

When police got to that scene, they met a cleaning crew who had been at the location since 11 p.m. They said there was no shooting.

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Officers located another witness, who said the shooting actually happened nearby at Springdale and Brown. But when police got to that scene, they still couldn’t find a crime scene, according to MPD.

That witness said he and the victim were walking down Springdale when a black vehicle passed them, made a u-turn, pulled beside them and fired about eight shots. The teen was hit by gunfire and taken to Regional One in critical condition.

While the witness was being transported to felony response, officers were flagged down and told about a suspicious vehicle at the S. Cabana Circle location. Investigators then found a Nissan Sentra with hazard lights flashing. It had several bullet holes and blood in it.

Police said the Sentra was taken during a carjacking in the 700 block of Jackson.

Investigators spoke to the witness again, at which point they learned that he and the victim were responsible for the carjacking. They were somewhere in Frayser when they were shot by four men in a black car, according to MPD.

The witness was taken into custody. The other person who was shot was still in critical condition at last chck, and has not been charged in the carjacking yet.