Tempers flare after cop charged with Mississippi mother's murder appears in court

OXFORD, Miss. — Tempers were high after the police officer charged with murdering a mother of four appeared in court for the first time.

Oxford police officer Matthew Kinne is charged with murder in the shooting death of Dominique Clayton, 32. Clayton was allegedly shot in the back of the head on May 19 inside her home on Suncrest Drive.

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Kinne had his first court appearance following the incident on Wednesday, and emotions ran high during and afterwards.

Family members told FOX13 they were upset that the judge appeared to be lighthearted about an affidavit going missing. Judge Howorth had joked when officers had to take a break to find the charging affidavit.

Clayton’s family called that motion insensitive, along with the fact that bond will be further discussed between the state and Kinne’s attorney.

The judge told Kinne that because he is an authority figure as a police officer, normally that would entitle him to a “probable cause hearing.” However, the judge then said he doesn’t feel that applies because murder is not in a police officer’s job description.

Kinne’s bond was not set during the hearing, and there will be a bond hearing next week to determine if Kinne will be granted bond at all.

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Oxford Police released a statement following Kinne's court appearance, saying they are frustrated by the outcome.

“As I said in my earlier statement, we are frustrated with today’s hearing regarding the issue of bond. There is NO ‘reasonable’ bond, which can be set in this case," Interim Chief McCutchen said. "Matthew Kinne should not be released. He is a danger to our community and should not be released.  We share in the frustrations of the community, stand with, and support the Clayton Family.  This is about justice for Dominique Clayton.”

After court let out, Clayton’s family and loved ones began venting their frustrations about the entire situation. There was chaos in the hallway immediately outside the courtroom, and it continued outside the building.

“Dominique’s kids are (sic) not doing good at all. They wanna l***h him. (Police) wanna screw us, but they don’t wanna protect us,” said Carolyn Clayton, Clayton’s aunt. “We gonna protect ourselves. I got calm and cool. That pill-popper, snorting powder can mother-f*****g kiss my a**.”

Clayton’s mother also spoke following the hearing, voicing her frustrations about the bond situation. She also said that there was no justice from police.

“Put a bullet in the back of her g** d*** head, and executed her,” Bessie Clayton said. “And they laughing (in court)… and they discussed with him what his bond should be? We need help in Oxford.”

Family claims Kinne was on duty when he allegedly killed her, saying he came through the bushes and shot her in the back of her head after sneaking in the back.

He tried to irritate us, we didn't come for that. So, we got upset, and that's not even my character," said Carolyn Clayton. "I do not act like that."

Reggie Clayton said the interaction between Kinne’s attorney and the judge angered many members of Clayton’s family.

“Right now, ain’t nothing funny, ain’t nothing funny right now,” Reggie Clayton said.

Background info:

According to Clayton’s sister Shyjuan, Clayton and Kinne were involved in an affair, and the incident stemmed from a “domestic situation.”

Friends told FOX13 Dominique Clayton was shot in the back of the head during a domestic situation.

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Her eight-year-old son found her after being dropped off at the house by a family member on Sunday.

Interim Oxford Police Chief Jeff McCutchen said the department learned on Sunday that Matthew Paul Kinne -- an Oxford police officer -- was possibly "involved" with Clayton. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation took over the case, and Kinne was developed as a suspect.

The victim, Dominique Lashelle Clayton, was home alone Saturday because her four children were spending the night with their uncle.

When they came home on Sunday, her eight-year-old son went inside with hopes of luring his mother out for a prank. He came back outside alone and told his family she was dead.

Officials told FOX13 Dominique was shot in the back of the head. Family said she was sleeping when she was murdered.

Kinne was booked into the Panola County Jail, where he currently awaits a bond hearing.