Tennessee task force 'prepared for the worst,' headed to Miami ahead of Hurricane Dorian

A Tennessee search and rescue task force is headed to Miami to help with Hurricane Dorian.

With the Category 4 Hurricane quickly approaching the U.S. coastline, a crew of more than 80 men and women from Tennessee will be living out of bags with helmets attached for the next few days or even weeks.

A mix of firefighters, doctors, engineers, first responders and dog handlers make up the Tennessee Urban Search and Rescue Task Force.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is counting on Task Force One to be in the area sometime Saturday.

Until they get the green light to start helping out, the task force will be on standby near the Miami International Airport, which is eight miles east of Miami Beach.

Even though the storm is expected to make landfall either Monday or Tuesday and could be one of the worst in decades, Task Force One has a history of dealing with those kinds of emergencies and said it is ready for the unpredictable weather.

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“We prepare for the worst. When we get there, we will mitigate whatever situation they put before us,” said Collin Burress, division chief of special operations.

Burress is the leader of Task Force One.

He told FOX13 his team trains so much that it is “kind of like playing a team sport,” saying they are all ready to go and help in any way they can.

The task force is responsible for wide area search and rescue efforts, along with swift-water rescues.