Tension between Lorenzen’s mother and Sherra Wright continues as trial date is set

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A trial date has been set in the Lorenzen Wright murder case, which means closure is on the horizon for family members of those involved in the proceedings.

The trial is scheduled to begin on September 16, 2019.

“I’m ready. Because we need to get this over with,” Deborah Marion, Lorenzen’s Wright’s mother, told FOX13 after the court proceedings concluded.

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Marion has been outspoken through the years. She’s served as the voice of her son and the quest for justice in his case.

Her commentary, emotional at times, has been constant. When Billy Turner – one of the two suspects charged with Lorenzen’s murder – was arraigned during a December 2017 court appearance, Marion had an outburst.

“How could you have murdered my son?” she said to Turner.

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Judge Lee Coffee offered his condolences, buy told her that sort of behavior would not be tolerated in his courtroom.

Several months later, after Sherra Wright was arrested in California and extradited to Memphis, she and Marion had a “moment.”

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In the middle of a bond hearing, Sherra turned toward Lorenzen's family and mouthed "I didn't do it." Marion called it an act of desperation and said she didn't believe the accused killer.

"She wanted everyone to know that she was mouthing something to me,” Marion said in May 2018. “That is just her. She ain’t changed.  She has been a devil ever since.”

Referencing the outburst in May, Marion said she will “stay cool” during the trial proceedings.

“I’m not gonna tell y’all what’ll happen after September though,” Marion said.


During the court appearance, the trial date being set wasn’t the only notable moment.

Marion saw her granddaughter – Lorenzen and Sherra’s daughter, Lauren – for the first time in more than seven years. It was the first time Lauren has been present at any of the proceedings. Previously, Lorenzen Wright, Jr. has appeared in court and sat behind his mother.

Marion was asked about her message to the couple’s children.

“Just follow the trace and they’ll find out what’s going on,” Marion said. “(Lauren) can follow the footprints and see what happened for herself.”

When asked who the children were supporting in the case, Marion was not candid.

“She’s a momma’s girl…As long as you’ve been being manipulated from when you’re this high to this high, it’s instilled in you,” she said.

Marion said she hopes the information that comes to light during the trial will give the children a sense of what happened to their father.

Sherra’s attorney, Juni Ganguli, said the accused killer was able to speak with her daughter, but he didn’t know the context of their discussion.

“We talked afterwards. She was excited to see her daughter,” Ganguli said.