• The new alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery

    By: Mearl Purvis


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A new cosmetic treatment tightens the skin without surgery and delivers surprising results without the down time or cost.

    Shawana Gardner, a local sales account executive, is getting ready for her Hawaii wedding. For this 25-year-old that means planning the trip, getting the dress and getting the skin around her chin tightened at McDonald Murrmann-360, one of only two Memphis clinics we found offering this latest treatment to tighten the skin.

    Gardner is reclined while Dr. Susan Murrmann applies a heat conducting gel to her face and neck before the radio frequency waves from the Thermiva device begin essentially waking up the skin. The message will, over time, help the patient’s collagen work again at stretching then popping back in place. 

    While checking on the patient’s comfort, Dr. Murrmann says, "Now we are at the temperature that we like to be which is at least 43°Celsius." 

    That's just 7 degrees away from first and second-degree burns from water, but more and more people are choosing this radio frequency procedure, instead of a surgical cut to create a designer body.

    Dr. Susan Murrmann recently rebranded her obstetrics and gynecology practice to focus on not just the healthy inside of women, but also focus on the external for a full circle of care. McDonald Murrmann clinic is now McDonald Murrmann.

    Dr. Murrmann says, “I found that when my patients felt better about their outward appearance, they were much more likely to keep up their overall health."

    The new tightening procedure can banish fat from the belly, rid the thigh of cellulite, or tighten small areas: bra fat or under the chin. The most notable usage of the system is rejuvenation of the vaginal area.

    Dr. Murrmann said, "Radio frequency doesn’t have any down time. You don’t have to prepare for it. You don’t have to abstain from using certain products on your face for the rest of your body."

    Dr. Murrmann is a surgeon who reminds women that no surgery doesn't mean no risk. 

    Dr. Murrmann says, "In the wrong hands any procedure can be risky. Always find a certified, licensed technician, experienced in the kind of treatment you want as your way to redesign your body."

    It's very rare but radio frequency can go wrong. Research on the internet reveals cases of burned skin from intense radio frequency overused and sometimes improperly used by unskilled technicians.

    Dr. Sayyida Salaam is founder of Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine said, "Unlicensed practitioners have used products not intended to go in the body that can be deadly. They use commercial silicone that can be found in Lowes or Home Depot. They used fix-a-flat, mineral oil, cement in the body." 

    The treatment to sculpt Gardner's chin is done in 25 minutes. Dr. Murrmann initially thought it would take up to three treatments but the results were apparent almost instantly, leaving the patient and onlookers almost speechless. 

    Gardner said, "I actually got compliments at the office as soon as I walked in. My colleagues asked what had I done different. Of course, I told them. And I was back at work just a couple hours after I left for lunch."   

    The treatments cost around three-hundred dollars per session. Gardner is convinced it's worth the cost for her.

    Gardner said, "I don't see any problem in coming up with a few hundred dollars to get that done, for years’ worth of solution." 

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