• The questions sheriff's deputies asked Sherra Wright during intake process

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Sherra Wright's arraignment that's scheduled for Thursday could be delayed. She faces murder charges in connection with the death of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright.  

    FOX13 has obtained the questions sheriff’s deputies asked Wright during her intake process Saturday night when she arrived from Riverside County California.

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    The questions are meant to explore both her medical and mental state because as an inmate, Sherra Wright is now the responsibility of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

    Retired Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Collins told FOX13 when it comes to inmates, you need to know everything to protect the prisoner and the county from being sued.  

    “I think this is a standard protocol that all inmates be screened as they come in to the jail system,” said Collins.

    Wright arrived late Saturday from Riverside County, California after traveling cross country on private prison transport bus.  

    Wright tried to fight extradition back to Shelby County, Tennessee to face first degree murder, conspiracy and attempted first-degree murder charges. 

    Collins told FOX13, “When you except someone into your jail system that has medical issues, medical problems, then that opens you up for liability.”

    FOX13 obtained and read the document from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office entitled, “Receiving and screening procedures.”  

    Deputies or medical staff had to ask Wright about any suicidal tendencies, chronic medical problems, alcohol or drug addictions and even the condition of her skin.

    “You don’t want the liability that person could have contracted some type of disease while they were in California. You don’t want that to come into your jail system,” said Collins after FOX13 gave him the document to read.

    Collins told us he suspects Shelby County deputies asked for medical records to explain why Wright needed a wheelchair on the first day of extradition but didn’t need one two days later at the next court hearing.

    “What were those circumstances that had her confined to a wheelchair, then the next time she wasn’t. Find out what was going on as it relates to that," said Collins.

    The extradition hearing is expected to last only a few minutes with Wright given the opportunity to enter a plea to charges against her.

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