• Thieves in Mississippi finding new way to steal credit card info from gas pumps

    By: Tom Dees


    CORINTH, Miss - Thieves in Corinth, Mississippi are finding a new way to steal your credit card info at the gas pump. 

    Instead of placing skimmers outside the pumps, they are stealing your info from the inside.

    A Corinth detective shared this photo with FOX13.

    It is a shot of one of a new kind of card skimmer found inside a Corinth gas pump. The new skimmers that have showed up in Corinth, police believe operate by Bluetooth and send your card info directly to a thief sitting nearby.

    "Not good. I would not be happy with it. I mean people work hard for their gas," Amy Ballard said.

    Amy Ballard lives in Corinth. She's bothered that thieves have gone to such lengths, and police told FOX13 they don't know how the thieves are getting the new skimmers in.

    The bogus skimmers they have removed from pumps have been sent to the crime lab to see what information that they can pull from them.

    There are 9 gas stations on Highway 72 in Corinth. Police told us it happened at one of them. One woman we talked to said there is a way to beat thieves at their own game.

    "I say don't use a card. Go by and get cash and pay for it in cash. Here you pay for it in cash. You get 5 cents off," Tammy Blakey said.

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    Police told us it appears thieves are tearing the old card readers out and wiring and hot gluing a new one in from the inside.

    Blakey told us she's not happy with the new technology the thieves are using, and Corinth's Amy Ballard told FOX13 she agrees.

    "They should probably spend some time in jail," Ballard said.

    Corinth police told FOX13 they have at least a half a dozen people that have reported their card information being stolen from one gas station, and there may be more to come.

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